Nudging People towards
Healthier Options

Miils is a nutrition-based SaaS product that works at the point of purchase and nudges people individually to eat healthier and in a more sustainable way. Our mission is to increase the well-being and accomplish a permanent change to better in the way people eat. Miils solutions cover the entire process from selecting suitable food or ready meals to buying them online in an easy and comfortable way.

Solutions for

Healthcare (Homecare)

Assistive shopping service

Aging in place

New revenue stream

Retailers (e-grocery)

New customer segments

Steady order flow

Competitive advantage


Nutrition coaching

Grocery ordering


Our products

Miils SaaS products can be smoothly integrated to existing platforms, working as a thin layer on top of the client´s systems. Miils includes all the needed items to nudge users individually towards healthier options: Miils can turn recipes smart (including nutritional information), create individual meal plans, introduce assisted purchasing features, improve the purchasing experience, and pay for the purchases.

The assistive e-grocery service is a private platform designed for home care customers and personnel to handle daily shopping and meals. Our product is easy to use and gently guides users towards healthier eating. The service is a B2B product tailored for partner´s brand name and look, in Powered by Miils model. Miils guarantees fast and seamless integrations to all systems related to the service, from e-grocery store to billing interfaces and distribution channel, working as a layer on top of the existing platforms.

Miils can be integrated to be part of an existing e-grocery store and used to nudge customers towards better and healthier eating habits. Miils algorithm learns to know the user and suggests healthier options to improve the nutritional quality of one’s diet. The experience is fully personalized and aims to connect the grocery store and the end customer in a new way. Miils also shows the carbon footprint of the food, making the sustainable and environmentally friendly food choices visible.

Miils Meal Kit Builder is a B2B solution for food providers needing a platform to sell tailored meal bags. The content is composed of healthy and tasty recipes which are easy to prepare at home. Miils Meal Kit Builder allows user to view the daily nutrition values and carbon footprint of the food and to create recipes showing the features. This personalized solution suggests the most suitable options for the user and takes into consideration special nutrition needs and limitations.

What our Partners Say:

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What Makes Miils a Unique Solution?

Accessible mobile solution

Placing an order is fast and easy, no office needed

Designed for care professionals and seniors

Secured multileveled accounts can be used by individual user (senior), by a professional caregiver or a family member

Healthy food choices

Miils creates a smarter shopping experience by suggesting food that is best for you

We partner with the best e-groceries

Miils assistive online grocery ordering tool is built to work as a layer on top of an e-grocery service

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What Do our Users Say about Us?

Today, evaluating the nutritional quality of food is surprisingly difficult for people! With Miils, you can easily follow that daily nutrient needs are fulfilled. It's great that Miils has been developed to help both professionals and consumers.

Hanna Partanen

Nutritionist Author & consultant

I use Miils to design recipes and meal plans for different user groups. I think Miils is a great tools for keeping track, that the planned meal fulfill the target audiences real nutritional needs!

Jouni Toivanen

Owner & Chef of a Michelin star restaurant

Restaurant & Food consultant

I love using Miils to plan high-protein and low sugar meal plans to support my trainning.


Miils user

Health & Fitness enthusiastic

Eating right is Science, Miils makes it Easy!

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